This is the black pearl of Italian olives.

Gaeta is the most suitable olive for cooking.
The most famous and most appreciated by Italian consumers.

Download the Official Statement of the Gaeta Olive DOP

Oliva di Gaeta DOP

They can also be called: Itrana, Aitanella, Cicerone, Gaetana, Gitana, Olivacore, Reitana e Velletrana. This olive is the world antagonist of Kalamata olives, no gourmet connoisseur could tell which one is the best.

Gaeta olive groves stretching from east of Rome (Castel Madama, Tivoli, San Gregorio da Sassola) to Lazio south-west cost, on Tirrenum sea (Itri, Sonnino, Priverno, Gaeta, Formia, Giulianello, Cori)

From Wikipedia... Marketed for years under the name "Gaeta Olives" because Gaeta was a land of olive trees before that, for commercial reasons, olive cultivation leave the business to other more profitable activities. Today most of the production comes from Itri, slight hill country, about 5 km from the sea, and many other municipalities that are on the backbone of Lepini Mountains. Being self-sterile, it usues Leccino and Pendolino as pollinators. The produced fruit is suitable for the production of oil and for consumption on the table.